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Supporting Israel's Arab-Jewish social movement for peace and equality

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“A conversation in a grocery store reminded me I can never give up”: Standing Together’s Uri Weltmann in the Metro

Standing Together’s National Field Organiser Uri Weltmann has written an opinion piece for the UK newspaper Metro. We republish the article below. The original is available on the Metro website here.

Fighting to change a destructive status quo: reflections on Standing Together’s Haifa conference

Danielle Bett is a Scottish-Israeli activist who works as Director of Communications for Yachad UK. She attended Standing Together’s recent conference in Haifa, and wrote this report for UK Friends of Standing Together. Danielle writes in a personal capacity.

Shahd Bishara: “Peace is not only the absence of war, but the recognition of the rights and dignity of all people who live here.”

An excerpt of a speech given by Palestinian activist Shahd Bishara, at Standing Together’s 4th National Congress on 2 February.

Over 1,000 at Standing Together’s national congress in Haifa on 2 February

On 2 February, over 1,000 Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel came together for Standing Together’s 4th National Congress. We collate below pictures, videos, and reports from the event.

Organising in Israel to demand a ceasefire, peace, and equality: report from Standing Together’s Uri Weltmann

We publish below a report from Standing Together’s National Field Organiser Uri Weltmann, on Standing Together’s recent and upcoming activity. The report was circulated to international supporters of Standing Together on 31 January.

Pass this motion in your trade union branch!

We welcome support from trade union branches, community organisations, local branches of progressive political organisations, and campaign groups. Please consider passing our model motion.

“Standing Together: the peace movement inside Israel” (22 January)

This article, by Standing Together’s National Field Organiser, was published in the Morning Star on Monday 22 January.

Thousands march against war in Tel Aviv (18 January)

Around 2,000 protesters marched in Tel Aviv on 18 January, in a demonstration organised by Standing Together and others to demand an immediate ceasefire, the return of hostages, and an end to the occupation.