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Supporting Israel's Arab-Jewish social movement for peace and equality

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Eid Al Adha and the Humanitarian Guard (19 June)

A report from Standing Together on recent action by the Humanitarian Guard against planned attacks by racist settlers.

Tell your elected representatives and candidates for office about Standing Together’s fight for peace and equality in Israel-Palestine

UK Friends of Standing Together is not an electoral organisation, and will be making no formal endorsements of any party or candidates in the upcoming UK general election. However, we do want candidates for office, and our elected representatives, to know about Standing Together and our work to support them.

Israeli police chief admits: blocking Gaza aid was government policy

The latest roundup on Standing Together’s activity from Uri Weltmann, the movement’s National Field Organiser.

“A week of heavy emotions” (11 June)

A short report from Rula Daood, National Co-Director of Standing Together.

New UK Friends of Standing Together leaflet on the Humanitarian Guard now available

We’ve produced a new leaflet to raise awareness in the UK about Standing Together’s Humanitarian Guard, which defended Gaza aid convoys from attacks by far-right settlers.

Humanitarian Guard confronts far-right settlers in occupied East Jerusalem (5 June)

Standing Together’s National Field Organiser Uri Weltmann reports on the movement’s efforts to combat racist violence.

Join us online on 18 June to hear from Palestinian and Jewish leaders of Standing Together

We’ll hear from Nasser Odat and Shir Yerushalmi from Standing Together about the movement’s latest work, and how we can support them.

What do we want our government to do?

UK Friends of Standing Together’s primary focus is on amplifying and supporting Standing Together’s on-the-ground work. But we also acknowledge the role of diplomatic pressure.