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An Unavoidable Gaze on War

An update from Standing Together, circulated to supporters internationally.

Throughout the past couple of days, the news has been continuously showing horrific scenes of this atrocious war. Two nights ago, a video showing the kidnapping of three Israeli Hostages during the attacks on October 7th was made public by the hostage families. This serves as a reminder to how reckless our government has been acting towards the war, and their lack of urgency to bring the hostages back home safely, as it is not in their main interest.  
Airstrikes on Gaza have been going on non-stop, and innocent Palestinians continue to face suffering and loss day by day. Settler violence in the occupied West Bank also continues, and the Israeli military has been assaulting Palestinians in the West Bank in ways we have never seen before. The amount of death, destruction, and the endangerment of the lives of those in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, goes to show how this war is not serving any of us, and will only continue to jeopardize our hopes of a better future.

Translation of Sign: The war is bad for all of us

For us, staying silent towards this injustice is never an option. We will not stop marching the streets and calling for an end to this awful war. We will continue to raise our voice and demand a permanent ceasefire and hostage release deal.

Last weekend, we organized mass protests all over the country demanding a permanent ceasefire and a hostage release deal. Only a deal can guarantee the safe return of hostages, and end the immense suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. Only a deal can help to de-escalate the situation in the North and allow displaced people to go back to their homes. Only a deal can allow us to move forward in ensuring freedom and safety for everyone in this land, and pursuing a just, sustainable Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. 

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