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As Netanyahu threatens Rafah offensive, stand with Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel demanding a ceasefire

Standing Together write: The impending Israeli military invasion of Rafah – the last place considered “safe” in the Gaza Strip – will be catastrophic, endangering the lives of over 1.3 million Palestinians, as well as the remaining Israeli hostages.

The images and reports of civilians – including women and children – who were killed and injured in the most recent attack on Rafah serve as a harrowing warning of what lies ahead. Plans to displace Palestinians from Rafah are particularly concerning since there is no safe place left to go in Gaza. Mass killing and destruction in Gaza have completely devastated its population, ignited intense fighting on the Lebanese border, failed to bring back the majority of the hostages, and haven’t led to a significant increase in security for those in Israel.

Israeli society has been fed a lie that it is possible to “eradicate Hamas” through military means, and it has only led to destruction and devastation. We call on our friends across the world to join us in resisting the war and stopping the cycle of war and bloodshed that only takes us back to the status quo. The only way to save the lives of innocent people in Gaza, bring home the hostages, and begin to prepare for an eventual Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, is through an immediate ceasefire agreement and hostage release deal.

Join us in calling for a ceasefire and hostage deal now.

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