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Campaigning for a ceasefire, and against the starvation of Gaza

The latest update on Standing Together’s activity in Israel.

By Uri Weltmann, National Field Organiser for Standing Together

Negotiations are underway in Qatar, and expectations are high in Israeli society that they will result in a hostages deal. The movement behind the families and friends of the hostages is continuing to hold militant actions in the streets, organizing demonstrations, blocking traffic, and trying to pressure the government into agreeing to a diplomatic agreement.

Meanwhile, a public opinion polls show that 65% of the Israeli public wants early elections to be held, and that the parties that comprise the Right-wing coalition of Netanyahu, formed following the November 2022 parliamentary elections, are set to lose their majority in the Knesset (The Israeli parliament) if new elections are to be held any time soon.

Standing Together has continued to intervene in the anti-government protests. calling for a cease-fire agreement that will allow the release of the hostages and stop the killing of innocent people in the Gaza Strip:

We have been especially raising the alarm about the government policy of deliberate starvation of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, organizing another emergency aid convoy. Hundreds of Israeli citizens, both Jewish and Palestinian, donated food, and dozens of volunteers joined in a convoy of cars that tried to reach the Kerem Shalom border crossing. However, we got blocked by the police and the army as we approached the border crossing:

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Rula Daood, National Co-Director of Standing Together, and myself, spoke with the progressive Brazilian collective Jews for Democracy – Sao Paulo via Zoom. A recording of the talk is available here: