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Israeli police chief admits: blocking Gaza aid was government policy

The latest roundup on Standing Together’s activity from Uri Weltmann, the movement’s National Field Organiser.

Dear Friends,

It has been a month since we’ve put out the call for volunteers to come to Tarqumiah Checkpoint and prevent the Far-Right settlers from attacking the aid trucks carrying food to Gaza. In the email update I sent on June 3rd, I shared with you how we celebrated the fact that the extremist organizations that coordinated these attacks, announced they are “taking a temporary pause, in order to regroup and rebuild”, which for us is a victory, achieved through the mobilization of hundreds of our activists.

I wrote an article for the magazine American Prospect about the actions of the Humanitarian Guard, and how we successfully prevented the Far-Right settlers from blocking the aid trucks.

Earlier this week, the Police Commissioner, in a letter sent to the Attorney General, officially admitted what we knew was the case all along, that the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir, was instructing police officers to refrain from stopping the violent extremists attacking the aid trucks. 

Listen to Suf Patishi, a member of the leadership of Standing Together:

Following this, the US has decided to impose sanctions on one of the groups blocking the aid.

Alon-Lee Green, National Co-Director of Standing Together, was interviewed recently about the work of the Humanitarian Guard, and the political developments in our country:

As the composition of the government shifted to the right, with the centrist party headed by Benny Gantz leaving the coalition, we continue the fight for a ceasefire deal that would bring back the hostages alive and stop the killing of innocents in Gaza.

Through our social media posts, media interviews, and interventions in the mass anti-Netanyahu protests, we stress that an end to the war is both a necessity for the safe return of the hostages to their families, as well as for achieving quiet on the northern front, where dozens of Israeli towns and villages have been evacuated because of constants sirens, drone attacks and rocket attacks, fired by Hezbollah in Lebanon.