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It’s Time! Israeli peace movement meets in Tel Aviv (1 July)

5,000 people are registered to attend a conference in Tel Aviv today, bringing together dozens of organisations from the Israeli peace and anti-occupation movements.

The “It’s Time” conference takes place in Menoarah Mivtachim, and is sponsored by a range of organisations, including Standing Together.

The conference statement says: “Join this great show of strength of the Israeli peace camp on July 1st. Together we will call for a deal to bring the hostages home (with the hope that by then they’ll all be home safe) and for an end to the war. We will start mobilizing for the day after the war: a political resolution to the conflict that ensures the rights of both peoples to self determination, security and safety, dignity and freedom. Together we will commit to working with courage and determination to build a better future for ourselves and for our children, a future of peace.”

Check out the English language website here. The conference will be live streamed from 17:00 UK time. Click here, or use the player below.