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Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Learn more about Standing Together, and UK Friends of Standing Together’s work to support them, via these FAQs.

What is Standing Together’s goal?

Standing Together is grassroots movement working to create fundamental political change in Israel by creating a new majority – a People’s Left – to realise their vision of socialism, democracy, solidarity, equality, justice, an end to the occupation, peace, and the establishment of a government that works for the good of all those it rules. 

How does Standing Together make change?

To do this, Standing Together is building a broad coalition of diverse communities – Jewish and Arab; Mizrachi and Ashkenazi; Women, Men, and all other genders; secular and religious; rural and urban – by campaigning for solutions that serve the majority. Standing Together focuses on the politics of hope, by showing that change is possible. They campaign on a wide range of social justice issues, from the minimum wage to climate change, to generate new coalitions uniting diverse groups behind struggles that benefit the majority, and to show how these struggles are connected. Standing Together work to convince and persuade, not incite and divide; to offer practical solutions not elitist rhetoric. 

“Our mission is to enact change, not merely to be correct. We will insist on speaking with all of Israeli society, trying to influence it, and striving to represent it and express its interests”.

You can read Standing Together’s full theory of change here.

What does UKFOST do? 

We aim to increase awareness in the UK of Standing Together’s work, and to raise funds for them. We do this by holding vigils, rallies and meetings around the country, and reaching out to political and other leaders to encourage them to promote and support the work of Standing Together.

How is UKFOST structured? 

We have an elected National Steering Group of twelve members. Currently these are Eliaou Balouka, Dan Davison, Anas Dayeh, Tyrone Falls, Hannah Gaventa, Holly Kal-Weiss, Bernice Keshet, Jon Lansman, Gabriel Morris, Pete Radcliff, Daniel Randall, and Anna Roiser. 

We are a membership organisation. Our members are people based in the UK who are members of Friends of Standing Together. All supporters are welcome to attend our meetings and events, but only members are entitled to vote. We do however encourage all supporters to become members by setting up a monthly donation of any amount to Standing Together

We have local and network-based branches, currently Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Barnet and London, and a network branch for educational workers. We are always working on creating new branches. Click here to view our democratic structure.

Our founding Parliamentary supporters are Alex Sobel MP and Nadia Whittome MP.

What solution to the conflict do you support? 

Like Standing Together, we support a solution that offers peace and independence for Israelis and Palestinians, full equality, and true social, economic and environmental justice. The specific form this takes is secondary to these basic principles. 

Does Standing Together work with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza?

Standing Together is an Israeli organisation working to create change in Israel. Its members include Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, working within Israeli society. Standing Together therefore doesn’t operate in the West Bank or Gaza, but it is a leading campaigner within Israel for an end to the occupation and the siege on Gaza. Standing Together does, however, mobilise Israeli citizens to attend protests in the West Bank, for example against house demolitions, evictions, and displacements. 

Where can I learn more about Standing Together’s work? 

Look at the Standing Together website. Standing Together leaders have also spoken about their movement on a number of webinars and podcasts – here is a selection: