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Standing Together plans “Humanitarian Guard” to protect Gaza aid trucks from far-right settlers

After far-right settlers attacked trucks transporting desperately-needed aid into Gaza, Standing Together has called for a “Humanitarian Guard” to protect the trucks.

The movement writes:

“Today we are launching the Humanitarian Guard, our response to the attacks on the aid trucks to Gaza. We will accompany the aid trucks, protect them as much as we can and document the right wing activists and settlers who are trying to loot them, vandalize them, and set them on fire. We cannot stand by idly witnessing this terror unfold! Hundreds of Jewish and Palestinian activists have already joined the Guard, and we need your help too! 

Please consider donating to this action to help us get the equipment, legal assistance, and support we need. 

“With humanitarian aid being limited into entering Gaza, Palestinians starving is becoming more severe. Far-right Israeli settlers are attacking aid convoys destined for Gaza, while Israeli police officers stand on the side watching the extreme settler violence unfold. 

We are calling on citizens of Israel, both Jews and Palestinians, to stop this act of terrorism from happening, to defend humanity, and to bring an end to this extreme Kahanist government. With your help we are able to fund this action and bring greater support from the public. 

We plan to escort the aid convoys and ensure they reach their destination and raise awareness for this catastrophe happening before us. Before this action, we will provide training to all volunteers who will assist in dealing with the situation and help ensure their personal safety.”

You can donate to the initiative here.