UK Friends of Standing Together @omdimbeyachadUK

This is the Moment: help us raise £10,000 for Standing Together

Today, we launch UK Friends of Standing Together’s crowdfunder for Standing Together as part of their THIS IS THE MOMENT campaign. 

“This is the moment to fight. This is the moment where we refuse to go back to the status quo – where we say stand together to demand a real future. A future of justice, peace, freedom, and equality for all.” 

Here in the UK, we can help Standing Together expand their critical grassroots organising across Israel and build the political power necessary to fundamentally change the reality on the ground for Palestinians and Israelis. 

We have committed to raising at least £10,000 for Standing Together. Every pound we raise will be matched, so if we reach our goal, Standing Together will get £20,000. Here’s our crowdfunding page.  

To reach our goal, we’re asking our supporters to commit to raising £20 each. Simple right? Here are a few ideas of how you might reach this goal:

The possibilities are endless! 

Want to raise a bigger amount? Fantastic! Feel free to get in touch and tell us your plans so we can spread your good ideas. 

Fundraising for something you feel passionate about is actually pretty easy. Just speak from your heart and the donations will follow. Contact us if you need help and support with ideas for emails and social media. Donations should be made directly to our UK Friends of Standing Together “This is the Moment” page; all donations are tax exempt in the UK. You can also raise funds directly and donate them through our page

Twenty is plenty!

If every single one of our 500+ supporters raises £20, we will more than reach our target. We know you are passionate about Standing Together’s work. We know each and every one of our supporters can help us reach our fundraising goal. 

Where there is struggle, there is hope.